Die shots from past projects

This is the Aurora Chip.  It was a GaAs MIPS. The initials of the graduate students who did the layout can be seen.

This is an early crossbar created by O. Olukotun, M. Pedersen, and S. Jordan in a early VLSI class at Michigan c. 1986.

It was a 4 X 8 2 bit slice fabricated by MOSIS in 3 micron (?) technology.


The Aurora chips were early GaAs implementations of the MIPS architecture.

[aurora color]

[aurora b/w]

Chairing a debate at Micro-47 in the Cambridge Union

Tuesday December 14th 2014. 

Debate motion: It is the End of the Road for the von Neumann Architecture

Shows Professor  Kunle Olukotun (Stanford) speaking for the motion

Distant relatives from Michigan

Louis Mudge. “Boarding house” proprietor (see p3).

Distant relative from England

Thomas Mudge horologist. He invented the lever escapement, the most important escapement in mechanical watches.  Today you can still pay thousands of dollars for mechanical Swiss watches that keep time as well as an $10 electronic piece. $100,000 horse drawn buggy, anyone?